The struggle has already begun. The unions, the students, and various social groups are already preparing. This spring, we’re going to have to be united. The general strike of May 1st 2015 can only happen if we are all in solidarity with one another.

Let us keep in mind that labor laws limit union action and the right to strike in the goal of restraining the effects of working class struggles. These laws force bosses and workers to negotiate “with diligence and good faith” until the adoption of a collective agreement. But the bosses and the State constantly use special laws and lock-outs to shut us up. Of course, these tactics never seem to be considered bad faith…

These same labor laws ensure that between two agreements all we have is social peace. We can’t strike, we can’t make demands. Political strikes, workplace strikes, and even solidarity strikes are forbidden and heavily punished. The boss consents to a few demands for some peace and quiet, and the submission of the workers for the remainder of the agreement.

We must take back the means of struggle in order to create a balance of power whereby we get what we are owed. These laws, these rights that they say they want to give us are thoroughly thought-out. They’re designed to pull the wool over our eyes, to keep us from building solidarity. They’re designed to keep us from being united, to prevent us from fighting and winning!

Let us not have our conditions of struggle dictated by our exploiters.

Let us all fight in solidarity!


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